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  • Botswana impresses with huge bio-diversity and wildlife nature reserves

    A true nature paradise awaits travellers visiting Botswana. The partner country of ITB Berlin 2017 Is among the African states that can boast the most impressive wilderness and wildlife nature reserves. 38 per cent of Botswana's total land area contains national parks, reserves and wildlife management areas, which for the most part are unfenced, allowing animals to roam wild and free.

    Botswana can proudly describe itself as one of the last big treasure troves on the planet. Thus the Okavango Delta is one of the world's largest pristine inland delta regions. The Central Kalahari Game Reserve, the world's second largest wildlife reserve, gives visitors an idea of how unimaginably vast this country is. In the north-east of the Kalahari lies the uninhabited Makgadikgadi Pan, an area almost the size of Portugal, and in the Chobe National Park travellers can experience Botswana's hugely diverse wildlife.

    Botswana is also an important sanctuary for many endangered birds and mammals, including the African wild dog, cheetah, brown hyena, Cape vulture and kori bustard. Safari travellers can look out for them as well as other wild animals and observe them in their natural habitat. When an event-packed day finally comes to an end visitors can enjoy a breathtaking sunset and a night-time sky full of stars.

  • ITB Berlin is pleased to announce its co-branded India show, Bharat International Tourism Bazaar,  the first pure outbound show for the Indian market , to be held in New Delhi from 3rd to 6th October, 2016. It is an alliance that focusses on the Power of the Indian Traveller, and the show will be organized by Cross Section Media, the country's first mover in B2B travel marts, initiated over twenty years ago. 

    Destination India is happening, with a growth in GDP of over 7.5%, a growth that is widely expected to continue for some years. Its travel and tourism is showing impressive gains - the first quarter of 2016 registered the fastest growth in air travel globally. Indian domestic air travel is expected to exceed 100 million movements, outbound exceeded 18 million last year, growing almost 15 to 20% year on year.

    The Indian market is eager to acquire new products and new destinations - BITB is the perfect platform for both old and new entrants into the Indian Outbound.

    BITB will bring new streams of business, such as online and technology in travel, weddings, MICE, Luxury, and other niche segments, with corresponding buyers - these are the segments that are presently driving Indian travel and tourism. Traditional segments will also bring exhibitors and these would include cities and states, destinations, airlines and airports and hospitality. Big tickets partners will host strong accompanying conferences that will bring some of the finest thought leaders in these businesses.

    BITB promises to be B2B with a difference, and is expected to bring over 12,000 attendees, comprising industry and government, from within India and around the world.

    For more information on how to make the best of the growing Indian market, visit

  • Although women make up over 60 per cent of the worldwide tourism workforce, they only account for 17 per cent of those in full-time employment or in management positions. For this reason the Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization UNWTO, Taleb Rifai, speaking at ITB Berlin, called on governments and the tourism industry to make gender equality part of their strategy. "It is not only a legal matter, but a business model", he stated, referring to the fact that the inclusion of women in management leads to improved performance in many areas.

    "One cannot ignore half of the world and still believe that something significant has been achieved". It was with these words that Ajay Prakesh, President of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT), began his speech celebrating the five winners of the "Global Awards for Empowered Women in Tourism", which are intended "to show that women are capable of making it to the top in tourism". The first such prize was introduced in India, and the fact that it now encompasses the whole world has given it a truly international dimension. It is an acknowledgment of the achievements being made in sustainability, education and the power of tourism to promote peace.

    Thomas Rietig

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