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  • ITB Berlin 2017 - Celebrating Her: Global Awards for empowered women in tourism - Group photo

    The Celebration of the International Global Peace Award for Empowered Women in Tourism in 2017 was held on International Women’s Day – Wed 08 Mar, at ITB Berlin in the historic Palais am Funkturm. In association with ITB Berlin, the UNWTO, IIPT India is conducting the 2nd edition of the with the title “Celebrating Her”

    The IIPTI Global Awards, “Celebrating Her” are intended to acknowledge and felicitate exceptional women in the fields of travel, tourism and hospitality; individuals with a clarity of vision and mission  who understand and believe that tourism, perhaps the biggest industry in the world, could become the first global peace industry and who have relentlessly worked towards fostering the tourism business as a vehicle for peace and sustainable development.

    Dr. Taleb Rifai, Secretary General of UNWTO was presenting the awards to the women.

    You can find all original pictures at ITB Press Platform  (Awards): and some 365 Degree Photos at Panono:

    Following some quotes from the organizers and the Awardee women:

    The Initiators

    Ajay Prakash, President, International Institute for Peace Through Tourism – India

    "Gender equality and gender justice are critical to realizing the vision of Peace. You...

  • Dr. Gerd Müller, Bundesentwicklungsminister

    Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation Dr. Gerd Müller appealed to the tourism industry to actively address the lack of sustainable tourism. “This luxury sector must be capable of getting to grips with the issue,“ the CSU member said in a stirring keynote speech at the ITB Berlin Convention. Müller confronted his audience with three demands: Tourism had to conserve and protect while offering benefits, it had to ensure fair employment and it had to do more to protect the environment.

    To underline his first demand he cited the example of Botswana, the partner country of ITB Berlin. The country had been able to stabilize safari tourism by enforcing a general hunting ban and declaring over 40 per cent of its land surface as a nature reserve. Germany made a huge contribution, he added, by annually providing 1.2 million euros to support the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area, which covered an area greater than Sweden and crossed into five different countries in southern Africa.

    Illustrating his second demand he said, “Local inhabitants must not be mere onlookers at luxury resorts.“ Providing there was a committed effort to sustainable tourism local inhabitants could be part of the concept, and they would consequently understand the benefits of travel. At the same time he called upon tourists not to order ’fish and chips’ in developing countries. He also criticized that in many cases people working on the cruise liners of large companies rarely saw the light of day.

    There were around 550 cruise liners on the world’s oceans, Müller said, and added they were a bad example for his third demand. Away from port, they often ran on heavy fuel that pumped 3,500 times more sulphur into the environment than road vehicles on normal diesel. He also talked about insufficient efforts to recycle...

  • Roboter Pepper von SoftBank Robotics

    He's a cutie, Pepper the robot. He looks up to you like a trusting dog, and if he didn't speak in such a jarring manner, you might forget that he is a machine.

    And so it should be. Pepper is, in fact, one of the humanoid robots, because he looks human. "But he should clearly differ from people," explains Nicolas Boudot SoftBank Robotics, the company that brought Pepper to ITB Berlin Convention. "Humanoid robots resemble zombies more than living people. They scare us."

    The 1.20-metre robot Pepper, on the other hand, comes across as very likeable, with his glossy white exterior, round head, and big wide eyes that light up in changing colours. Pepper serves as an interface to the internet, providing access to all kinds of eServices. He can make hotel reservations, change airline reservations, reserve tickets, or serve as an online retailer. All by voice. As an intelligent machine, he's continually improving. He gives personalised information and answers knowledge questions. Pepper can supposedly even analyse people's facial expressions and gestures and respond accordingly.

    At the demonstration at ITB Berlin, Boudot let Pepper change his seat booking on a flight. The robot scans his booking's QR code from his smartphone – the QR scanner sits behind a hole in the robot's forehead. The plane's seating chart is then shown on the screen that Pepper has on his chest. Boudot clicks on the desired seat. Done.

    Mirko Heinemann

    Press contact: Nicolas Boudot


    Tel.: + 33 177 371 752

Current News

Donatella Gariffo, Head of the Palermo Foreign Relation Office and Delegate of the Mayor

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Bryan Banston, Vice President Sales Department, Thai Airways International

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Susith Hettihewa, Regional General Manager for EU, UK and America, Air Astana

Susith Hettihewa, Regional General Manager for EU, UK and America, Air Astana

"ITB Berlin has played a very positive part in our development. It is the ideal platform...

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