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Online Unterkünfte buchen

On the Internet, numerous online services for the placement of various accommodation facilities when traveling have established. The offers range from booking a regular hotel room via the mediation of a free coffee until replacement of the luxury villa between Kitzbühel and Beverly Hills. The most common are Internet platforms for finding hotel rooms, guest houses and apartments as, HRS and Expedia. Two-thirds (66 percent) of all Internet users in Germany have already booked a hotel for a trip in this way, half of them (33 percent) in the last twelve months. This is the result...


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Video 1U_Oh5bNPrs Vorschau
Im Webinar vertieft Ulf Sonntag die aktuellen Informationen mit zusätzlichen Daten und Analysen. Dabei geht es dann um langfristige Trends in der Urlaubsnachfrage der Deutschen ebenso wie...
Video wHUjTolMyLU Vorschau
The ITB Academy webinar focused on the actual trends in tourism demand that are important to know for international destinations and tour operators that are targeting the German market. The...
Video oF0mcCsFWUw Vorschau
The travel sharing economy is host to some of the world's most famous peer-to-peer brands like Airbnb and Uber. Benefiting from technological disruption, rapid urbanisation, Generation Y's...

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After two decades of rapid and mostly double-digit growth, China has developed into one of the leading global source markets for foreign travel in recent years. Alone 80 per cent of the foreign...

Companies driving the positive transformation of the travel industry into a sustainable world should make sure to apply for the World Legacy Awards at...

VDR presents its 2015 business travel survey at an ITB Academy webinar

Overall, the shared economy has achieved only moderate success with the business travel market. That...

To mark the holding of Pride Week, seven days of events against homophobia and transphobia and the upcoming 37th Christopher Street Day, Messe Berlin is sending out a clear message in support of...

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