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  • Reisen in Corona-Zeiten

    PhoCusWright founder and serial board director Philip C. Wolf suggested travel companies should “tear up the old budgets and roadmaps, and to create new budgets, roadmaps and forecasts”, in a comprehensive webinar: “Planning for what will come, not for what was” on 2 July, 2020.

    Indeed, the corona pandemic is shaking the foundations of the global tourism industry more than any previous crisis. The post Corona tourism world will be a completely new one – with tectonic shifts on the demand and supply sides that have not yet been imaginable. This was the kick off session of the new ITB Virtual Conventions, outlining “the big picture of global post corona tourism”. In the coming weeks and months, regular ITB Virtual Convention events will analyse and present the most important market trends and the most valuable practical tips for tourism providers.

    Prof. Dr. Roland Conrady, Scientific Director ITB Berlin Convention, Worms University of Applied Sciences hosted the session, in which Philip Wolf said “the past is becoming an increasingly poor predictor of the future”.

    The two experts discussed ways in which consumer behaviour is likely to change in relation to sustainable tourism. They examined regional differences and the impact of Covid-19 on hotel operators, airlines, and other market players.

    Prof. Conrady began, “Global tourism is in its most serious crisis since WWII. In other words, for 75 years. We had been used to regular growth rates of more than 5% per annum, and the number of international tourists grew from 25 million in 1950 to 1.4bn in 2019. Like few other industries, we are now in a deep existential crisis. It is now quite clear that there will be no quick return to normality. In fact, it is becoming increasingly clear that we can expect a completely new...

  • Woman placing sticky notes

    For the second time Travel Massive, Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde (HNEE), ITB Berlin and the Berlin Travel Festival are joining forces to organise The Social Entrepreneurship in Tourism competition. It is the first and only one of its kind in the world and recognises social innovation and entrepreneurship in tourism. In particular, it addresses the problems that arise from tourism development and looks for innovative solutions for industry, government institutions, NGOs and municipalities.

    The timing is apt: on 27 June the United Nations held MSME Day, honouring enterprises from micro-companies to SMEs for the part they play in the global economy. Particularly against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, the occasion also shone a light on how small companies around the world are being impacted by the situation. The fact that compared with big industry players they have no lobbies and relatively small financial resources ultimately makes them very vulnerable. Rika Jean-Francois, the CSR commissioner of ITB, was among those who gave a talk at the video launch of the International Trade Center (ITC). The World’s Largest Travel Trade Show is strongly committed to supporting sustainable tourism. She stressed that in order to become resilient in the long term a globally coordinated approach was needed which embraced both environmental and socially responsible strategies and also stood for emancipation.

    As of 22 June candidates have been invited to submit their ideas for the competition. The deadline for entries is 25 July 2020. This will be followed by an initial round of voting and a second phase in which ten finalists will take part. On 21 September 2020 a virtual award ceremony will be held. For more information please visit...

  • Tourists at the beach in Egremni (Lefkada)

    The last few months have been a real turning point for the industry. Never before has the world stood still, and along with it the possibilities for travel. In retrospect, the plight of the holidaymakers who were stranded in Spain under a volcanic ash cloud now seems trivial compared with the impact of recent times. While shutting down tourism and aviation at the start of the outbreak was a logistical tour de force, the effort needed now to restart these industries is much greater. In addition to the obvious tasks of organising staff and logistics, the main goal is to win back holidaymakers. A lot of people still recall the images of stranded travellers back in March – many of whom are still waiting on a refund for forfeited flights and package tours. However, with no bookings in sight companies lack the cash flow to make payments – very much a vicious circle.

    Hence the industry is looking at new ways to motivate hesitant holidaymakers to book trips. Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr for instance recently promised customers that his airline would fly any travellers back home who had been denied entry to their holiday destination because of the coronavirus. Other industry players quickly followed suit. DER Touristik, the German-based tour operator, also gave a virtually cast-iron pledge to bring its customers safely home – regardless of the circumstances. Other countries have put forward similar plans. Tourism professionals in charge of major travel destinations solemnly swear they will do everything to ensure visitors can enjoy a pleasant stay and will take care of them if a serious situation arises due to the coronavirus. Thus the...

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