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Forward-looking, creative ideas on sustainability: ITB Berlin and the Berlin Travel Festival support ’The Social Entrepreneurship in Tourism’ competition

For the second time Travel Massive, Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde (HNEE), ITB Berlin and the Berlin Travel Festival are joining forces to organise The Social Entrepreneurship in Tourism competition. It is the first and only one of its kind in the world and recognises social innovation and entrepreneurship in tourism. In particular, it addresses the problems that arise from tourism development and looks for innovative solutions for industry, government institutions, NGOs and municipalities.

The timing is apt: on 27 June the...

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An industry comes back to life: How the tourism industry is preparing for the ‘new normal’ in travel

The last few months have been a real turning point for the industry. Never before has the world stood still, and along with it the possibilities for travel. In retrospect, the plight of the holidaymakers who were stranded in Spain under a volcanic ash cloud now seems trivial compared with the impact of recent times. While shutting down tourism and aviation at the start of the outbreak was a logistical tour de force, the effort needed now to restart these industries is much greater. In addition to the obvious tasks of organising staff and logistics, the main goal is to win back...

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An exotic experience at home: Faced with closed borders and uncertainty over foreign travel requirements, holidaymakers are discovering the benefits of local destinations

Longing for home: amid the worldwide coronavirus pandemic travellers around the world are significantly changing their habits. Against a backdrop of closed borders and continually changing travel requirements holidaying at home is becoming an increasingly attractive proposition. Tour operators are making efforts to foresee changing cross-border travel requirements so that customers can better plan their trips abroad. However, in Germany a large number of travellers are already turning their attention to local destinations. These are among the findings of a recent survey by the...

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Digital comfort: In the face of the coronavirus crisis many attractions around the world are promoting a virtual experience

Since the coronavirus crisis began there is one thing at least on which the world can agree: these extraordinary times are driving digitalisation forward in many areas of life. It also applies to tourist attractions, especially to cultural establishments. Be they museums, theatres or opera houses, many institutions are now focusing on digital content, making use of this period of closure and providing comfort to all the millions currently confined within their own four walls, who are unable to visit these global destinations and their attractions. As well as cultural institutions,...

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30 days leave to go on a world tour - A fascinating online panel presents the popular travel podcast

In their World Tour travel podcast Adrian Klie and Christoph Streicher talk about how one can see the world with one’s own eyes without giving up one’s job or taking out a bank loan. The two are neither dropouts nor professional travel bloggers. They still work full-time in their regular jobs and make do with 30 days leave. That way, they have already travelled 100 countries together. A video of the presentation (only available in German) as well as others, plus all discussions and forums can be found on the new website at...

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Tunes that make you want to travel

 ITB’s brand new Spotify playlist with its travel-themed tunes lets stay-at-home listeners long for the big wide world         

Music brings people...

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ITB Virtual Convention: What is the current situation with AI?

In his lecture Florian Bauhuber talks about the future of tourism and the current situation regarding AI.

When one talks about what will most impact the industry in the years to come the discussion usually turns to AI. In his online lecture on Florian Bauhuber of the digital consultancy Tourismus Zukunft assessed the current situation. It was the major global players, among them giants...

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ITB Virtual Convention: The right approach to dealing with the coronavirus Eran Ketter describes the impact of the virus and what measures destinations can take.

No topic has dominated the public discourse in recent months as much as the coronavirus. New challenges are confronting the tourism industry daily and new questions are constantly arising as to how to deal with the situation. At the ITB Virtual Convention Eran Ketter, adviser and tourism coach, who specialises in crisis situations, gave a presentation on the ‘Coronavirus outbreak: Effects on global tourism and successful recovery and resilience measures’ and ways of dealing with the pandemic. A video of the presentation as well as...

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Hotel brands are the key

Brand experts and technology providers discuss hotel identities at the forum on ’Rebuilding and shaping hotel brands’

The focus of the online discussion about ’Rebuilding and shaping hotel brands’ was on how hotels can establish a recognisable, special brand and thereby improve their market standing. ITB and the Hospitality Industry Club were the hosts of this virtual forum. Alexander Schuster of 25hours Hotel Company, Dr. Michael Toedt of Dailypoint and David Turnbull of responded to questions from the moderator Sebastien Loeitner of Cloudbeds...

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The eight mega trends in tourism

“Which trends, technologies and developments do you need to know and how to combine in order to be successful in the future?“ That was the topic of the keynote speech by Nils Müller, CEO of TrendOne, at the Virtual ITB Convention.

 “Welcome to a journey into the future“, said Nils Müller addressing his online viewers at the ITB Virtual Convention. In his keynote speech on the ’Top 8...