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Seclusion – the new status symbol

Seclusion – the new status symbol

A new customer perception of luxury was one of the main topics at this year’s ITB Berlin Convention. Instead of ’bling bling’, the latest trend is exclusiveness. Around the world a number of hotels are fully catering to these demands. Here are some of the most beautiful:

The Manta Resort on Pemba Island off the coast of Tanzania is synonymous with the idea of seclusion. Guests reside in luxurious rooms on land, or can choose floating accommodation directly on the water. The highlight is an underwater bedroom surrounded day and night by colourful fish.

Another maritime experience, albeit totally different, is Spitbank Fort, a near-circular structure and former sea fort. Situated on England’s south coast, it features a restaurant and eight suites. Also on the premises are a lighthouse and helipod.

The so-called pods at the Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel in the Swiss canton of Valais are an altogether drier experience. They comprise a row of well-appointed hillside yurts with see-through walls which boast 360-degree views of the surrounding alpine landscape.

Visitors staying at Longitude 131 can enjoy priceless views of Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the Australian outback. Accommodation is in high-class tents – surrounded by the region’s characteristic red earth. Despite the remote location every luxury amenity is available. A spa and pool are among the comforts on offer as well as first-class cuisine and excellent wines.

The Vythiri Resort in India’s southwest is surrounded by tropical forests where guests reside in tree houses in the forest rooftop. The Honeymoon Pool Villa is a unique experience and boasts its own swimming pool. Situated above is the bedroom, which features a glass floor and a direct view of the pool below.

A frosty experience awaits guests at the luxury Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Lapland, which impresses visitors with glass igloos and views of the sky above. They are particularly in demand in winter when the famous northern lights dance across the arctic sky.

Visitors with a penchant for Nordic countries also appreciate the Fogo Island Inn situated on a peninsula on Newfoundland. Its most impressive feature is not so much the luxury accommodation but the outstanding geographical location on Canada’s northeastern tip. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer views of the ocean and spectacular sunrises.

Bhutan in itself is a byword for seclusion, for every year the government allows only a handful of tourists to visit the country. Aman Amankora is an outstanding resort with a total of five lodges dotted around several valleys. They are the perfect starting point for tours of this Asian kingdom.

Situated in the US state of Utah, the Canyon Point Amangiri belongs to the same luxury hotel chain. In front of this outstanding resort, which hugs the canyon’s craggy rock formations, the million year-old history of the earth’s evolution unfolds before visitors’ eyes. At night a visit to the swimming pool is particularly attractive, which in the surrounding clear air offers impressive views of the stars above.

This compilation would not be complete without mentioning the Wolwedans Lodge in the Namib desert, the luxury base camp and starting point for unforgettable wildlife safaris. Those in search of an aerial tour can travel by hot air balloon or take a propeller-engined scenic flight. 

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