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Highest-quality handicrafts: The many-faceted history of Saxony’s handicrafts industry

With variety and concentration: musical instrument maker in his element

Saxony is a federal state with a rich cultural heritage. The many-faceted and fascinating history of its handicrafts industry is key to its reputation as an attractive cultural destination. Many of the handicraft skills practised in Saxony today originated here. It boasts records such as the world’s largest nutcracker, the oldest registered trademark and the largest functioning violin. These traditional and rare skills, handed down over generations of artisan production, can be witnessed throughout Saxony. Almost everywhere, visitors can watch master craftsmen at work.

Saxony is to be the cultural destination in 2021

Next year, as the “number one cultural destination“, Saxony will occupy a prominent role at ITB Berlin and in 2022 will be the official host country of ITB. This was announced by ITB Berlin and State Minister for Culture and Tourism of the Free State of Saxony Barbara Klepsch at We Love Travel!. “The role of cultural partner is tailor-made for Saxony“, she said. It provides an opportunity to underline the close ties between culture and nature in the Free State of Saxony.

A refreshing presentation – Saxony promotes holidays on the water at this year’s ITB Berlin

Markleeberg/Katja Fouad Vollmer

Saxony. Refreshes” – at this year’s ITB Berlin the federal state is offering something refreshing, with the focus on holidays on and in the water. Measuring some 900 square metres, the stand has been transformed into an extensive water playground. Former opencast mines have been allowed to revert to nature in Saxony, creating large, new recreational areas with a remarkable range of tourist attractions.

Saxony as a tourism destination is represented at all four ITBs

Saxony and Russia are to date the only exhibitors to present their tourism services at ITB Berlin, ITB Asia, ITB China and ITB India. In an interview, Veronika Hiebl, managing director of Tourismus Marketing Gesellschaft Saxony mbH (TMGS), and Wolfgang Gä

Saxony and Russia are to date the only exhibitors to present their tourism services at ITB Berlin, ITB Asia, ITB China and ITB India.

Supporting the brand experience: virtual reality in the trade show sector

Purely virtual trade shows will never be able to replace the human contact at the real thing – David Ruetz, Head of ITB Berlin, shared his conviction in a discussion at the ITB Virtual Reality Lab. “A handshake cannot be made digitally over the internet,” Ruetz explained at ITB Berlin. However, there are many stations along a trade visitor’s customer journey where digital technologies can be meaningfully implemented. These range from trade show preparation and navigation at the show through to follow-up.

The creative side of Saxony

The state has chosen an artistic slogan for its stand at this year’s ITB Berlin.

Saxony’s 800 years of art history has many different facets. The styles encompass every epoch from Gothic to Modernism and form the centre piece of the state’s presentation at ITB Berlin this year. Using the slogan “kUNSt SACHSEN”, a wordplay incorporating “art”, “us” and “Saxony”, in 2018 the stand of Tourismus Marketing Gesellschaft Sachsen has been transformed into a veritable art gallery.

Saxony celebrates


In 2015 the Free State of Saxony is in the mood to celebrate, so it is no coincidence that at ITB the slogan of this federal State, whose stand can be found in its usual location in Hall 11.2, is  ’Saxony – Celebrate with us!’. Tourismus Marketing Gesellschaft Sachsen and some 50 other exhibitors from Saxony will be inviting exhibitors to celebrate together with them. Certainly, there are enough anniversaries worth celebrating.

Live performances at the State Operetta Dresden

Staatsoperette Dresden

At this year’s ITB soloists from the State Operetta Dresden will be offering trade visitors exclusive musical impressions of the company’s extensive repertoire. On 5 March at the traditional get-together of Tourismus Marketing Gesellschaft Sachsen (TMGS) soprano Olivia Delauré and baritone Marcus Günzel will be performing musical and operetta extracts on the stand of the federal State of Saxony.