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Virtual Convention

ITB Virtual Convention: Wo steht die Künstliche Intelligenz aktuell?

Photo by Alex Knight

In seinem Vortrag berichtet Florian Bauhuber von Tourismuszukunft über den Status Quo von Künstlicher Intelligenz (KI)

ITB Virtual Convention: What is the current situation with AI?

Photo by Alex Knight

In his lecture Florian Bauhuber talks about the future of tourism and the current situation regarding AI.

ITB Virtual Convention: The right approach to dealing with the coronavirus Eran Ketter describes the impact of the virus and what measures destinations can take.

Photo by Mick De Paola

No topic has dominated the public discourse in recent months as much as the coronavirus. New challenges are confronting the tourism industry daily and new questions are constantly arising as to how to deal with the situation. At the ITB Virtual Convention Eran Ketter, adviser and tourism coach, who specialises in crisis situations, gave a presentation on the ‘Coronavirus outbreak: Effects on global tourism and successful recovery and resilience measures’ and ways of dealing with the pandemic.