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Hitchhiking around the world

“I had finished university and broken up“ – was how Stefan Korn began his story about hitchhiking around the world. A 22-month trip followed which took in, among other destinations, Uruguay, Alaska, Hong Kong and New York. He covered 108,895 kilometres, the equivalent of rounding the globe more than two-and-a-half times. Most of the time he hitchhiked, but he also took a sailing boat across the Atlantic, cycled across the Cordillera, and hopped trains across the United States.

Elsewhere. Alone in Africa

Anselm Pahnke had vowed not to buy a single litre of water. “I wanted to sense the rule of nature“, said the 31 year-old geophysicist at the virtual We Love Travel! event in Berlin, describing his journey by bicycle from the south to the north of Africa with as little equipment as possible. A few months turned into three years, and Africa was followed by Asia and then Australia over a total of 40,000 kilometres.