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The Caribbean: Tourism is growing despite the hurricanes

For the Caribbean it was a year of severe hurricanes and huge damage, including to hotels, harbours and airports. And yet 2017 was also a year of records. For the first time 30.1 million visitors came and stayed on the islands spanning the Caribbean from Florida to Venezuela,  517,000 more than in 2016. This was reported by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) at ITB Berlin.

Caribbean: Carnival all year round - and more and more tourists

Karibik, Strand

The over 30 islands in the Caribbean are using their unique "feel of the Caribbean" more and more in advertising. Beaches, palm trees, hammocks, fine hotels, and sunshine year round can also be found in other parts of the world. But calypso groups that warm the sand under the full moon, joint parties and church visits with islanders, Caribbean rum and countless kinds of cocktails, the reggae version of "Silent Night," and carnival for twelve months – that’s something. "The Caribbean feeling is unbeatable," said Karolin Troubetzkoy at ITB Berlin.

Boom in Caribbean tourism continues – More than just sand and palm trees

The Caribbean is more popular than ever, and not just because of its beautiful beaches and coconut palms, but also because it offers authenticity, that 'hammock' feeling, home stays, reggae, calypso, rum, fine cigars and carnival, the latter also in July and December on some islands.

Speaking shortly before the start of ITB Berlin, Hugh Riley, Secretary General of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), stated: "Our guests are increasingly interested in the culture of the more than 30 islands, the people, their music, local handicrafts and Caribbean cooking."