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Egypt to introduce electronic visa at the end of May

Ägypten, Kamelen in der Wüste

Egypt will introduce an electronic visa at the end of May. The fee will initially remain unchanged, said Tourism Minister Mohamed Yehia Rashed at ITB Berlin. A decree to increase fees has been suspended until June; a reassessment will be discussed in the cabinet next week. One can assume that no action that would harm the tourism industry will be taken. With 650,000 visitors, Germans were the top tourists to Egypt last year – despite a 35 per cent decrease. After recording 20 per cent growth in January, an increase of 35 per cent is expected for this year.

Japan breaks all records

Japan-Stand, ITB Berlin

“The records are falling like ninepins“, said a delighted Bettina Kraemer of the Japanese tourist board. In 2016 more than 24 million people visited Japan, 21.8 per cent more than in 2015. However, for Japan’s prime minister Shinzō Abe that is still not enough. Kraemer added, though not altogether seriously, that he is hoping for 40 million in the year of the Olympics. Visitor numbers from Germany are rising too. In 2016 183,300 Germans visited Japan, 12.7 per cent more than the previous year.

Botswana: The journey of the rhinos


Rhinos can consider themselves lucky to catch a plane to the Okavango Delta, a place where conditions for them are ideal and where the government makes every effort to prevent poaching. Botswana’s biggest treasure is its biodiversity. Thus great attention is paid and efforts are made accordingly to protect relevant areas. One of the most important projects is the protection and conservation of the black rhino and the rare white rhino.

Central America: More tourists and new historical discoveries

Menschen aus Costa Rica, ITB Berlin 2016

The seven small Central American countries are enjoying significantly more tourists and foreign exchange revenue. Costa Rica continues to be the region's shining example. And in Guatemala, researchers have discovered a new ancient Mayan road network. The Central America Tourism Agency (CATA) announced the latest facts at ITB Berlin. 

"Cuba si" – But the upsurge in visitor numbers has slowed down

Auto in Havana, Cuba

Cuba has been racing from one record to another, but there is a limit to everything. Following the massive boom in tourism that accompanied the thaw in political relations with the USA two years ago, growth has now slowed down. After recording 3.5 million visitors in 2015 and 4.035 million in 2016, the Tourism Ministry in Havana is expecting some 4.2 million from all over the world in 2017. Compared with the double-digit expansion of the previous years this would represent just a five per cent increase, it was reported on the Cuba stand in Hall 22a at ITB Berlin.

Buenos Aires: ’City of the Year’ and the place to be in South America

Buenos Aires, Argentinien, Fremdenverkehrsamt Buenos Aires, Stadtansicht

The Argentinian capital is the place everyone wants to be, as reflected in steadily rising foreign visitor numbers. In response, Buenos Aires has intensified its marketing activities. Germany is one of the most important source markets.

ASIA DMC: 20 Years of excellence

20 Jahre Exzellenter Service - Teammitglieder von Asia DMC feiern mit Buchstaben-Ballons

ASIA DMC is one of the leading destination management companies in Southeast Asia dedicated to B2B trade. Group Managing Director Linh Le presents his company.

Dubai: New attractions and hotels on the Persian Gulf

Fachbesucher sitzen beim Gespräch am ITB-Stand von Dubai Tourism

Dubai, a leading destination for visitors from around the world, will be at ITB Berlin and present new hotels, attractions and the Dubai Calendar App.

Tuscany – Holidays for dog lovers and their four-legged companions vermittelt Ferienunterkünfte in der Toskana, bei der Herrchen und Hund entspannt gemeinsam Urlaub machen

When conversation turns to Tuscany, endless fields of lavender, olive groves, picturesque vineyards and ancient castle ruins spring to mind – in short: holidays to satisfy all the senses. If, during the conversation, one cautiously asks if dogs are welcome, quite often the answer is “Yes”: "I cani sono benvenuti."

Plenty of things to do for dog lovers

ITB Partner Country: #ilovebotswana Ensemble

Die 20 Mitglieder des #ilovebotswana-Ensembles unter künstlerischer Leitung von Andrew Kola, Mophato Dance Theatre

The energy is palpable. The 11 female dancers from Botswana and 20 men – also very experienced artists in the areas of dance, music, and theatre – are proud. Together they make up the #ilovebotswana ensemble, selected by Andrew Kola, artistic director of the Mophato Dance Theatre.

Germany: What travel souvenirs will customs allow?

Auf der ITB Berlin geben erfahrene Zollbeamten des Hauptzollamts Potsdam und Sachverständige des Bund für Naturschutz Auskunft zur Einfuhr von Reisemitbringseln

Seahorses, seashells, corals, protected tortoise species – time and again customs discover objects brought into Germany by tourists even though they are banned. Another thing that can spoil a holiday is duties on cigarettes and alcohol when imported above certain limits. Faked items purchased abroad, such as sought-after clothing brands, shoes and leather goods also cause irritation at customs checks...

Brandenburg: A new capital for the Fläming region every year

Reiseregion Der Fläming-Geschäftsführer Daniel-Sebastian Menzel im Gespräch mit Referenten auf dem Tourismustag Fläming 2016

Fläming, a popular tourism region in Brandenburg, has drawn up a concept that aims to attract tourism in new ways and strengthen cooperation within the region. In future a new capital will be declared in the Fläming region every year.