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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic focusing on economic recovery

© Adalice Alcantara

The island nation is presenting its responsible tourism recovery plan at ITB Berlin NOW

Petra Cruz, Europe director, Tourist Board of the Dominican Republic

ITB 2019 was an all-round success. We had some outstanding, interesting meetings and received three important awards: at the coveted Golden City Gate International Film Print Multimedia Awards we won first prize for advertising general attractions at this faraway destination and second prize for promoting golfing in our campaign ’Dominican Republic, I like it’. On behalf of the Travel and Adventure Hall (4.1.b) we received the award for ’outstanding achievements in protecting the earth’s biodiversity and promoting sustainable tourism’.

The Caribbean in 2019: tourist numbers are up and it’s carnival almost every day

The Caribbean: Tourism is growing despite the hurricanes

For the Caribbean it was a year of severe hurricanes and huge damage, including to hotels, harbours and airports. And yet 2017 was also a year of records. For the first time 30.1 million visitors came and stayed on the islands spanning the Caribbean from Florida to Venezuela,  517,000 more than in 2016. This was reported by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) at ITB Berlin.

Dominican Republic: Golf and swimming with sharks

The Dominican Republic is focussing on higher quality tourism to an ever-increasing extent. This was made clear by Petra Cruz-Deyerling, European Director for the island nation's tourism authority, at ITB Berlin 2016. The names of luxury hotel chains are featured increasingly when new projects are being constructed. The Republic has received awards as the best golfing destination in the Caribbean and Latin America, and 21 blue flags can now be found on the various beaches, which are among the best in the Caribbean.

Boom in Caribbean tourism continues – More than just sand and palm trees

The Caribbean is more popular than ever, and not just because of its beautiful beaches and coconut palms, but also because it offers authenticity, that 'hammock' feeling, home stays, reggae, calypso, rum, fine cigars and carnival, the latter also in July and December on some islands.

Speaking shortly before the start of ITB Berlin, Hugh Riley, Secretary General of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), stated: "Our guests are increasingly interested in the culture of the more than 30 islands, the people, their music, local handicrafts and Caribbean cooking."

Dominican Republic: a tourist paradise

Dominican Republic

In 2014 5,141,377 tourists visited the Dominican Republic, among them 230,318 Germans. With gorgeous beaches stretching for 600 kilometres, sunshine on 255 days of the year and temperatures averaging 27 degrees centigrade, the country is a unique tourist paradise. However, this island in the Caribbean has much more to offer than sunshine and beaches. More and more travellers are exploring the country’s history and finding out about the many sporting activities and natural attractions.