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Ethiopia: “We are the safest country for travellers in all of Africa”

Although a state of emergency is currently in force in Ethiopia, the country’s tourism experts gave their word, in front of the assembled press at ITB Berlin: Travelling is safe in this East African country. “In fact Ethiopia is the safest country in all of Africa in which to travel”, was the confident statement by Sisay Getachew, Director of Tourism Marketing for the Ethiopian Tourism Organization. The state of emergency was declared in mid-February, after the prime minister had announced his resignation following severe criticism.  

Ethiopia is to become a tourism brand – despite drought fears

Ethiopia’s Tourism Minister Aisha Mohammed Mussa proudly presented the country’s new tourism slogan: ’Ethiopia - Land of Origins’. Human life, in the shape of the hominid ’Lucy’, began in Ethiopia, and the country is proud of the many unique attractions, UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites, its fascinating natural landscapes and rich flora and fauna. Situated in the continent’s east and on the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is one of the oldest nations in the world. It is the only African country never to have been colonised and was already mentioned in the Old Testament.