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Silk Road makes a comeback: Even freight trains are promoting the Silk Road

The Silk Road tourism project represents an astonishing international comeback for this historic route. More or less as the “new Silk Road“, this network of historic trading routes with its many different branches is not only helping to boost tourism but is also having an impact on business and science in the region, as well as encouraging political cooperation and easing visa restrictions. This is one of the important outcomes of the 9th Silk Road Ministers’ Meeting at the ITB Berlin Convention.

Georgia – the Caucasus in their best light

Different climate zones from semi-desert to subtropics, five veritable ski resorts up to 3,300 meters high, mediaeval fortresses and monasteries, an alphabet with World Cultural Heritage status, the birthplace of wine – George Chogovadze, Head of the Georgian National Tourism Administration, summarises this great diversity with this sentence: “Georgia is the jewel of the Caucasus and deserves to be discovered!” Over 7.5 million tourists have made this discovery over the past year – a new record, and an increase of 20 per cent from arrivals in 2016.

Silk Road: A highway for the whole world

The historic Silk Road “has made enormous progress in recent years”. These were the words of the Secretary-General of UNWTO, Zurab Pololikashvili, speaking during the project’s 8th Ministers’ Meeting at the ITB Berlin Convention.