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Germany: What travel souvenirs will customs allow?

Auf der ITB Berlin geben erfahrene Zollbeamten des Hauptzollamts Potsdam und Sachverständige des Bund für Naturschutz Auskunft zur Einfuhr von Reisemitbringseln

Seahorses, seashells, corals, protected tortoise species – time and again customs discover objects brought into Germany by tourists even though they are banned. Another thing that can spoil a holiday is duties on cigarettes and alcohol when imported above certain limits. Faked items purchased abroad, such as sought-after clothing brands, shoes and leather goods also cause irritation at customs checks...

Brandenburg: A new capital for the Fläming region every year

Reiseregion Der Fläming-Geschäftsführer Daniel-Sebastian Menzel im Gespräch mit Referenten auf dem Tourismustag Fläming 2016

Fläming, a popular tourism region in Brandenburg, has drawn up a concept that aims to attract tourism in new ways and strengthen cooperation within the region. In future a new capital will be declared in the Fläming region every year.