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ITB Convention

Start of the 1st Global Tourism Competition and the 17 UN Global Goals

Only a moment ago these topics were still being debated at events at the ITB Berlin Convention 2019. In order to ensure that the ongoing discussion on the challenges of overtourism, mobility, polluted oceans, climate change, biodiversity loss and cultural heritage is kept alive until ITB Berlin 2020, on 18 March the first Global Tourism Competition will kick off together with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

How does one reach out to Asian millennials?

Asia is a massive source market. The marketing company Brand Karma forecasts that the generation of Asians born around the turn of the millennium, the “millennials”, will be spending around 340 billion dollars on international travel by 2020. What sort of digital tools do these young Asians use on their travels? And how does one reach out to this target group?

ITB Convention: China on the march in Europe – a report by ITB Asia

VIP Guides Tour 2016

Destinations everywhere have their sights set on China. As a global growth market China has finally come of age in tourism. China is the force driving growth in outbound travel. “Chinese lust for travelling abroad remains unabated“, says Tom Jenkins, CEO of the European Tour Operators Association. China wants to be part of this economic trend and is investing in future destinations in the hospitality industry. Globally, the world’s most populous nation is ploughing money into lucrative enterprises.