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Silk Road

Silk Road: Good business prospects for tour operators in Central Asia

As a niche market, the Silk Road offers good business prospects for tour operators and travel agencies. Central Asia in particular, the heart of the Silk Road where hardly any tourists used to be seen, will continue to benefit from demand. Those were the findings of the Silk Road Tour Operator's Forum at ITB Berlin. “The Silk Road has now become a huge brand, and that is something that should be exploited", said Nikolaos Gkolfinopoulos, a project expert at the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Silk Road makes a comeback: Even freight trains are promoting the Silk Road

The Silk Road tourism project represents an astonishing international comeback for this historic route. More or less as the “new Silk Road“, this network of historic trading routes with its many different branches is not only helping to boost tourism but is also having an impact on business and science in the region, as well as encouraging political cooperation and easing visa restrictions. This is one of the important outcomes of the 9th Silk Road Ministers’ Meeting at the ITB Berlin Convention.

Silk Road: A highway for the whole world

The historic Silk Road “has made enormous progress in recent years”. These were the words of the Secretary-General of UNWTO, Zurab Pololikashvili, speaking during the project’s 8th Ministers’ Meeting at the ITB Berlin Convention.

Silk Road: Eine Straße für die ganze Welt

Die Silk Road, also die historische Seidenstraße, „hat riesige Fortschritte gemacht in den vergangenen Jahren“. Das sagte  Secretary-General der UNWTO, Zurab Pololikashvili, auf dem ITB Berlin Kongress beim 8. Ministertreffen des Projekts. „Die Silk Road ist die die wichtigste, länderübergreifende Tourismusroute des 21.

Silk Road: Ein Beispiel für die Welt

Die Silk Road, ein Tourismusprojekt, das Nationen teils völlig unterschiedlicher Systeme und Weltanschauungen zusammenbringt, stößt weltweit auf immer mehr Interesse. Dr. Taleb Rifai, Generalsekretär der Welttourismus Organisation (UNWTO), sagte auf dem 7. Silk Road Minister-Treffen auf dem ITB Berlin Kongress, der gesamte Erfolg der 31 Mitgliedsstaaten der touristisch aktivierten Karawanenstraße  „ist ein Grund zum Feiern".

Silk Road: an example for the world

The Silk Road, a tourism project that brings together nations of, in part, completely different systems and worldviews, is being met by increasing interest worldwide. At the 7th Silk Road Ministers’ Meeting at ITB Berlin Convention, Dr Taleb Rifai, Secretary General of World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), said that the success of the 31 member states of the tourism-enabled caravan route "is a reason to celebrate."

Silk Road: Eine Karawanenstraße als Markenzeichen

Sie verbindet touristisch inzwischen 33 Länder, fördert trotz vieler politischer Unterschiede Verständnis und Toleranz, schafft Jobs, Wirtschaftswachstum und wird für Reisende aus aller Welt zum berühmten Markenzeichen. So hat Taleb Rifai, Generalsekretär der World Tourism Organization UNWTO, beim Silk Road Minister Treffen auf dem ITB Kongress die jüngste Erfolgsgeschichte der Jahrhunderte alten Karawanenstraße zusammen gefasst. Ob aus Kirgisien, Iran oder Kambodscha - die Zustimmung hochrangiger Vertreter des Seidenstraßen-Projekts auf dem Treffen war groß.

Silk Road: a caravan route as a trademark

It is a tourist route connecting 33 countries, that despite the different political systems promotes understanding and tolerance, creates jobs, drives economic growth and is famous as a trademark among travellers around the world. Thus, at the Silk Road Ministers’ meeting which took place at the ITB Convention, Taleb Rifai, general secretary of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), gave an account of the most recent achievements surrounding this centuries-old caravan route.

UNWTO Silk Road programme at ITB Berlin

UNWTO Seidenstraßen-Programm

This year 26 of the 31 member states of the UNWTO Silk Road Initiative will be taking part in ITB Berlin. As a result, the world’s leading travel industry offers a fairly comprehensive overview of this region as a travel destination and of all the activities there. The ancient Silk Road consists of numerous historical caravan routes, the main one connecting the Mediterranean with Eastern Asia. Thus, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Russia, Tajikistan, Iraq, Bangladesh, China, Mongolia, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia are also among the countries on the Silk Road.