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South Africa

South Africa: like peeling an onion

South Africa is one of Germany’ most popular long-haul destinations. “They really love us“, said Sisa Ntshona, CEO of the South African Tourist Board at ITB Berlin 2019, who was full of praise. Last year, the figures fell slightly due to the water shortage in Cape Town. However,  Ntshona saw it as an opportunity: “We have learned our lesson from the crisis and can become a pioneer in fighting climate change. The country is being visited more and more by “serial offenders“, people who come to holiday time and again.

Always something new to discover in South Africa

This was the main message from all the participants in the panel at the press conference given by South Africa Tourism – no matter how often one has been to South Africa, he or she will always discover new facets on each visit. Derek Hanekamp, the country’s Minister of Tourism, contributed with a video message, in which he emphasised that the new president, Cyril Ramaphosa, is very much aware of the importance of tourism for the economy, employment and the image of South Africa.

Sisa Ntshona, CEO South African Tourism

Sisa Ntshona, CEO South African Tourism

"Tourism touches the lives of all South Africans. Given its importance to our economy we must continue to nurture the sector and drive increasingly impactful and collaborative strategies and programmes for sustained, inclusive growth. Our participation in ITB Berlin SA is very important to us as we are here to share SA marketing messages proactively with German trade."

South Africa’s “inspiring new ways” at ITB Berlin 2017

Südafrika-Stand, ITB Berlin 2017

In 2016, South Africa emerged as one of the world’s most trendy tourist destinations with more than ten million arrivals from all over the globe. This is almost 13 per cent more than in the previous year, which was overshadowed by uncertainties surrounding the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. Visitors from Germany, in particular, are impressed by the country’s amazing diversity and often come repeatedly, according to the South African Tourist Office. Minister of Tourism Derek Hanekom is overjoyed that “we registered more than 300,000 German tourists last year -  an increase of 21 per cent.

More than the rainbow flag: First LGBT Tourism Talk at Tourism Indaba focuses on LGBT travellers’ needs

© Jason Fiddler

South Africa’s tourism industry is becoming more open to LGBT travellers’ needs. On 9 May 2016 a discussion round at Tourism Indaba, one of Africa’s largest tourism marketing events, looked at what was needed to achieve success in this growing niche market. Organised by ITB Berlin, the event was the first meeting of its kind of Tourism Indaba and Africa’s tourism industry.

To win: Big 5 Mountain Bike Tour in Southern Africa

Toerboer Great Trek Adventure Tours

Toerboer Great Trek Adventure Tours will be present at ITB Berlin 2015 for the first time by “the Toerboer” himself: Dawid de Wet. Toerboer is an Afrikaans term meaning “the travelling farmer”. The early settlers or Voortrekkers as they were known, packed all their belongings on ox wagons and left their farms in the Cape Colony (today South Africa’s Western Cape Province with Cape Town as capital) to trek away from the oppressive British colony and look for a better life in the unchartered inland areas.