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VIR Innovation Award

Travel IT: The winner of the VIR start up competition "Sprungbrett 2019" lets users book camping holidays

Pincamp aims to start up a booking platform by the end of the year

Pincamp aims to start up a booking platform by the end of the year

Since it set up in November 2018 Pincamp, the winner of the VIR Innovation Award 2019, the competition for tourism startups, has been working hard to ensure that users can book camping holidays – initially in Germany, to be followed by neighbouring European countries popular with campers. The booking platform is to go online soon. Pincamp is the camping website of the motoring organisation ADAC. In early 2020 Pincamp is due to expand onto its first foreign market – Switzerland.

Germany’s camping market is booming

Latest surveys and average statistics for camping sites

Latest surveys and average  statistics for camping sites

In the summer of 2019, in order to gain a more recent overview of the camping market and its economic importance for Germany as a travel destination, the tourism research organisation Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Institut für Fremdenverkehr (dwif) and GfK published their findings based on a 2018 caravan holiday survey. In its ’Camping Compass 2019’, the ADAC’s camping platform Pincamp has information on the average travel behaviour of German holiday campers.