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Tourism development with a strategy: Zambia focuses on sustainable game reserves

The Central African country Zambia has, until now, survived mainly on agriculture and mining, especially copper production. Now, however, it would like to diversify its economy – and tourism plays a central part. “The development of the tourism sector is part of the strategy to diversify our economy,” explained Charles R. Banda, the country’s tourism minister, at ITB Berlin on Wednesday. For this reason, Zambia, this year’s Convention & Culture Partner at ITB Berlin, is not only attracting visitors but also investors.

To win: Big 5 Mountain Bike Tour in Southern Africa

Toerboer Great Trek Adventure Tours

Toerboer Great Trek Adventure Tours will be present at ITB Berlin 2015 for the first time by “the Toerboer” himself: Dawid de Wet. Toerboer is an Afrikaans term meaning “the travelling farmer”. The early settlers or Voortrekkers as they were known, packed all their belongings on ox wagons and left their farms in the Cape Colony (today South Africa’s Western Cape Province with Cape Town as capital) to trek away from the oppressive British colony and look for a better life in the unchartered inland areas.