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Concepts for a sustainable, fair and resilient tourism

OECD expert Alain Dupeyras at the ITB Berlin NOW Convention on the importance of best practice examples

Short term crisis management is of no longer of any use for tourism during and after the Covid 19 pandemic. “We cannot just act in the short term, we have to adopt a long term approach, develop a new concept for tourism and apply innovations", declared Alain Dupeyras, Head of Regional Development and Tourism Division for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD, in his keynote speech on Friday afternoon at the ITB Berlin NOW Convention...

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More added value, reduced emissions

Much needs to be done to equip tourism for the future: at the ITB Berlin NOW Convention experts are calling for fairer and more sustainable changes

Stumbling from one crisis to the next and not learning anything – this is something that tourism must avoid. For reasons of climate policy alone there is a need for new concepts to make travel more sustainable. This view was shared by the participants in a panel discussion at the ITB Berlin NOW Convention. But what form should changes take if they are to be fair and protect the climate? “Tourism will have to change...

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Wellness for all: a market with the potential for expansion

Ingo Schweder at the ITB Berlin NOW Convention on prospects, objectives met, and what remains to be done

“Wellness is a segment that will continue to grow”, according to Ingo Schweder at ITB Berlin NOW. Even during the worldwide financial crisis in 2009 sales in this area doubled, which is why he is confident that the wellness curve will continue to go upwards after the Covid pandemic is over: ”After all, health and well-being are now firmly fixed in people’s minds.”

Schweder maintains that there will be even more demand for wellness products and...

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Climate protection measures in the hotel sector

Analysis at the ITB Berlin NOW Convention: focusing on the objectives despite the crisis

Climate change is one of the most pressing topics of our time, and coronavirus does not change that: quite the contrary. People are becoming increasingly aware that everything is interconnected and subject to reciprocal influences. This also applies to tourism companies in particular. For some years now efforts have been continually made in the hotel sector to improve the measures aimed at protecting the climate. These issues were discussed at the ITB Berlin NOW Convention...

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E-bikes are taking over the travel market

Susanne Brüsch presents a broadcast from her camper van at ITB Berlin NOW

E-Bikes are the future of cycle tourism. That was the convincing message from “Lady Pedelec“ Susanne Brüsch at ITB Berlin NOW. She estimates that electric bikes make up 50 per cent of the bicycle market.

Brüsch broadcast her presentation from her 4x4 camper van, which after touring for several months was parked on a campsite in southern Spain. Despite the coronavirus she and her partner had travelled there from Paris with their inevitable cargo of two e-bikes, convincing every...

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Tourism requires sustainable supply chains

Experts at ITB Berlin NOW: European harmonisation is important

The requirements of the new Supply Chain Law meet the interests of the tourism industry. However, there must be European harmonisation, insisted researchers, manufacturers and NGOs at ITB Berlin NOW.

The objection that the law only creates additional bureaucracy for business was refuted by Lisa Fröhlich, president of the CBS International School. On the contrary, its advantage is that all competitors are now subject to the same standards. “It is absolutely essential that we do not...

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Sites for sky watchers: so close to the stars

Backgrounds to a current trend: Astrotourism at ITB Berlin NOW

As a current trend, astrotourism is a reaction by increasing numbers of city dwellers who no longer experience a completely dark night sky because of light pollution. Experiencing vast distances in a calm, dark landscape can be the perfect contrast to everyday life, according to Etta Dannemann, general manager of Visit Dark Skies, speaking at ITB Berlin NOW. One consequence of the pandemic has been a growing awareness by travellers of regional destinations. This also applies to those places which...


Confidence in a virtual space - designers and motivators in discussion at ITB Berlin NOW

Only by being fully present do conference attendees also place their confidence in the monitor. This is something that platform designers and presenters at the ITB Berlin NOW Convention were sure of.

Against the background of the blue and white ITB world map the AI designer Christian Mio Loclair explained the origins of his virtual space project “Journee”.  “You have to configure time and space.” One year ago the creative director and his team from the Waltz Binaire design agency received a real three-dimensional sculpture, but no one was there to appreciate it. So during lockdown...

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World debut at ITB Berlin NOW

Sweden tops the list of the first "Sustainable Travel Index" from Euromonitor International

Sustainability is a constant theme in tourism, but until now there has not been a systematic survey giving insights into the worldwide situation. The newly created "Sustainable Travel Index” was presented in detail at the ITB Berlin NOW Convention by Caroline Bremner from Euromonitor International featuring seven main aspects and 57 indicators. With this world first she also revealed the findings of the initial survey. A total of 99 destination countries were considered...

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Sustainable event organisation: Just do it!

At the ITB Berlin NOW Convention the event industry emphasised its responsibility towards future generations

”The event industry faces an existential threat and needs support. At the same time coronavirus and the climate crisis clearly show that things cannot go on as they are. Two things are now needed to ensure the long term survival of the events industry: the continued existence of companies and free-lancers – as demanded by the federation Bündnis #AlarmstufeRot and submitted to the German government – and support to enable the sector to transition to...