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30 days leave to go on a world tour - A fascinating online panel presents the popular travel podcast

by Welttournee, der Reisepodcast

In their World Tour travel podcast Adrian Klie and Christoph Streicher talk about how one can see the world with one’s own eyes without giving up one’s job or taking out a bank loan. The two are neither dropouts nor professional travel bloggers. They still work full-time in their regular jobs and make do with 30 days leave. That way, they have already travelled 100 countries together. A video of the presentation (only available in German) as well as others, plus all discussions and forums can be found on the new website at

Instead of taking centre stage at ITB they took part in an online panel about the podcast from their office at home. Daniel Sprügel moderated the videoconference – while Teresa Baumgarten, marketing manager at ITB Berlin, Jens Behler, head of Digital Communications at Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund and Adrian Klie of the World Tour travel podcast discussed this topical theme for about an hour. They debated how one could expand the podcast’s reach and integrate it as a tool in the marketing mix. “The quality of the audience is a key performance indicator in podcast advertising“, said Adrian Klie. His travel podcast has already established a sizeable number of listeners among travellers.

Each podcast takes a look at one country, city or way of travelling only, but also offers lots of knowledgeable tips and entertaining anecdotes. Instead of just passing on information, these school mates try to instil a sense of curiosity and fun through their personal observations. Their way of travelling is as basic as it is manageable. The list begins with hand luggage, which is no more than one needs for a three-week tour of Asia, and ends with accommodation and catering that is miles away from ever receiving a starred review. Remote jungle waterfalls in Guatemala, a midday menu in the canteen at the Chernobyl nuclear power station, or a game of volleyball in the Albanian Alps: the travelling these podcast professionals do is always cheap, adventurous and all kinds of fun.


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