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’Africa 2017’, a wall calendar from the Alexander von Humboldt (Heye) edition, wins the opening event of the ITB BookAward 2017

Der Auftaktpreis der ITB BuchAwards 2017 zur Einstimmung auf die Reisesaison des kommenden Jahres geht an „Afrika 2017“ aus der Edition Alexander von Humboldt (Heye).

Whetting appetites for the coming travel season, ’Africa 2017’ from the Alexander von Humboldt (Heye) edition won the opening prize of the ITB BookAward 2017. This large wall calendar was chosen by ITB Berlin in cooperation with the RavensBuch bookstore from Friedrichshafen.

David Ruetz, head of ITB Berlin who chaired the jury, said: “Month by month ’Africa‘, the latest calendar from Heye, explores the overwhelming beauty and diversity of southern and eastern Africa, the cradle of civilisation, with spectacularly atmospheric photos of wildlife and nature. Elephants and giraffes in Botswana, baobabs in Madagascar, mountain gorillas in Uganda, hippos, zebras and a lone cheetah in Kenya along with other unique subjects give us an image of longing for the primeval wilderness of Africa. However, the calendar communicates much more than a wealth of fine images. Looking at this work and knowing that these infinitely precious and vast areas of nature are endangered and in need of protection, one feels both humility and empathy.“

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Together with other prizes chosen by the jury, the Calendar Award is presented at the World’s Largest Travel Trade Show in March 2017 in Berlin. 

Every year, at the beginning of ITB Berlin, the annual ITB Berlin Book Awards recognise the latest and most interesting publications from Germany and abroad, mainly in German, but also in translation. The aim of the awards is to focus attention beyond national borders on the broad spectrum of important intercultural travel and tourism publications. The Destination Award 2017 will focus on Botswana, a tourism destination in Africa and the Official Partner Country of ITB Berlin.

Together with the jury's choice of awards for the best traditional travel guides, travel books, illustrated books and specialist tourism publications the Calendar Award will be presented at the World's Largest Travel Trade Show in March 2017 in Berlin.  

The presentation of the ITB BookAwards 2017 will take place on Friday, 10 March 2017 at 4 p.m. in the Palais am Funkturm. The event will be moderated by Mary Amiri.


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