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Brandenburg: A new capital for the Fläming region every year

Reiseregion Der Fläming-Geschäftsführer Daniel-Sebastian Menzel im Gespräch mit Referenten auf dem Tourismustag Fläming 2016

Fläming, a popular tourism region in Brandenburg, has drawn up a concept that aims to attract tourism in new ways and strengthen cooperation within the region. In future a new capital will be declared in the Fläming region every year.

The first city to bear the title of ’capital of Fläming’ in 2017 is Zossen, which will showcase a travel region south of Berlin crossing municipal and state borders between Berlin/Potsdam, Magdeburg and Leipzig. Famed for its ’Flaeming Skate’ hiking and rollerblading routes, and for its asparagus, the Fläming region is well known beyond its borders and popular for day trips. In 2015 the Fläming region reported just under 1.3 million overnights and more than 500,000 visitors, making it one of Brandenburg’s most popular destinations. In his first year in office Daniel Sebastian Menzel, managing director of the regional tourist board, has succeeded in bringing players, service providers and officials together in an exemplary manner to create a new brand. He is pictured here on the right with speakers at ‘Tourismustag Fläming’.

“Taking the European Capital of Culture as our example, we will declare a new capital for the Fläming region every year“, said Menzel. “We will honour creative ideas and involvement in tourism, cultural and social affairs.“ According to Menzel, a marketing expert, “Winning visitors’ hearts is about creativity and having lots of ideas. Everywhere in the region there are people, products and services with a huge creative potential.”

Size and infrastructural capacity are not the main criteria for applying to become the ‘capital’. Instead, a good tourism infrastructure, regional attractiveness, popularity and an identity are important. “Zossen impresses visitors with its many attractions which suit the brand values of the Fläming region as a travel destination“, said Menzel.

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