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Chatbots for hospitals and hotels

No startup can succeed without being flexible and resilient. Adhering to that common wisdom has ensured the survival of many, and for some it has even offered an advantage in the coronavirus crisis. This was the experience related by Olga Heuser from Dialog Shift, which offers live chats for hotels, at the virtual We Love Travel! event. At the start of the lockdown the company was quick to react. It had found out that hospitals were inundated with phone calls and subsequently developed a chatbot for the Vivantes-Klinikum, a Berlin hospital, which answered the most important questions, thereby saving customers and employees time making calls. Instead of answering whether dogs were welcome at the hotel the software now had information on testing facilities.

Responding to this account, Sascha Hausmann from Howzat Partners said he no longer wanted to always discuss the pandemic in negative terms. It was important to support those who were able to adapt to new and bigger challenges with their products. The success formula was to closely observe the market. Heuser had this to say about hotels, the company’s customers: “In the meantime they have realised that a lot of personal communications will have to be digitalised permanently “ – one of many realisations of what will remain after the coronavirus.


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