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Citynomadi Staycation Maps offers global and multilingual interactive maps for tourism

Citnomadis Staycationkarten

Fan map walks are made for people who like to make their travel decision by their favourite music or serie they are just following on web. Even during the lockdown these fan walks give condolence and keep company giving an opportunity to dream of walking in Venice and humming Nino Rota's tunes.

The nature maps lead people to forests, woods and green areas. The most important feature is the OFFLINE use, locating the visitor with coordinates and on a map. Secondly people appreciate well marked tracks for skiing, fat biking, trekking with leans-to for a rest. Nature maps is our speciality.

The architectural walks give us information of the city history and also great minds behind the city planning. Our concept enables cities to describe the old town plan instead the traditional map, adjust the 3D models on top of the map information and add very detailed stories connected to the buildings.

Citynomadi will also have a presentation at Berlin NOW on Tuesday March 9 at 6.15 p.m.. Please click on ITB Berlin NOW Convention Stage 2 to attend! After that at 6.30 p.m. on Tuesday on March 9 there a panel discussion of ‘New Tech Driving Tours & activities’, where it’s possible to hear of Citynomadi’s visions.

For more information: CEO Merja Taipaleenmäki, tel. +358 40 484 0178, email

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