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Confidence in a virtual space - designers and motivators in discussion at ITB Berlin NOW


Only by being fully present do conference attendees also place their confidence in the monitor. This is something that platform designers and presenters at the ITB Berlin NOW Convention were sure of.

Against the background of the blue and white ITB world map the AI designer Christian Mio Loclair explained the origins of his virtual space project “Journee”.  “You have to configure time and space.” One year ago the creative director and his team from the Waltz Binaire design agency received a real three-dimensional sculpture, but no one was there to appreciate it. So during lockdown they constructed a virtual museum around it, as a suitable place in which to display it., and invited the whole internet to come and see it. “What is important is the little buzz that make a museum visit something special”, said Loclair. “Being able to enter should not be so easy, but also not too difficult.” This led to the creation of the commercial project “Journee”, which has since attracted 50,000 visitors at 20 events, and contains over 40 virtual experiences.

Regina Friess, professor for media design at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences, commented: “I am confident there is confidence in virtual space.”  She advised that this virtual environment should “posited somewhere between the World of Warcraft and the living room.” If participants showed their own small, personal space, this is already a basis for confidence.

As in an analogue mode, for presenters it is important to at least establish a theoretical eye contact and to pay attention to body language. Furthermore “preparation and uncompromising attention are essential“, emphasised AC Coppens, CEO of the consultancy The Catalysts. Participants must feel properly catered for, as a human being in a meeting and not just a tool.

Text: Thomas Rietig

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