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Costa Rica: sustainable and responsible

Costa Rica is adjusting its tourism strategy. “We have relied on pure eco-tourism for a long time,” said Costa Rican Minister of Tourism María Amalia Revelo at ITB Berlin. “From now on, we will rely on both sustainable and socially responsible tourism.” This includes involving local initiatives for environmental protection and supporting small companies and the rural population.

The Central American country, which has abolished its army and who’s energy supply comes from 99 per cent renewable sources, is an excellent example of landscape protection in the region. Costa Rica is home to five per cent of all known species in an area of only 30,000 square metres, a quarter of which is protected land. Massive reforestation has taken place in recent years. “We have restocked our forest from a quarter up to over half of the area,” said Revelo. Costa Rica is often called “the Switzerland of Central America.”

At ITB, Revelo Guanacaste presented a previously unknown destination in the northwest of the country.  There, on the Pacific coast, one finds countless untouched, beautiful beaches. The climate is dry and comfortable, ideal for hiking and beach holidays. Almost 500,000 European tourists visited Costa Rica in 2018, making up 16 per cent of all guests.

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