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Crash courses and touring 5,000 years of history

5.000 Jahre Geschichte in Form kompakter Kurse und Touren

Traces of Greece has information on its Brand Card about academic and private tours of the country’s history

For the first time ever in Greece esteemed professors of the University of Athens (UoA), the country’s oldest and internationally most recognised university, have joined forces with their specialist knowledge to give culturally interested visitors a tour of the places that laid the foundations of western civilisation and Christianity.

Traces of Greece is the result of a partnership between UoA and Argo Travel, the country’s oldest travel agency, under the patronage of the Greek Ministry for Tourism. The academic crash courses delve into 5,000 years of Greek history, focus on local learning by experience and are held by established faculties of UoA. Another unique selling point is that all the courses offer exclusive access to certain event venues and interaction with local institutions not normally available to the general public. Participants receive a certificate after completing the course.

Participation is by no means limited to academics. The same courses are also available to those without academic qualifications in search of a unique experience of Greece. These are also taught by experienced multilingual professors of UoA, though at a more relaxed pace. The courses are available all year round. More than 250 combined years of academic and professional experience ensure that participants benefit from first-class knowledge, regardless of whether they want to expand their academic horizon or explore Greece and its rich history. More information can be found at

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