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ExploRussia: New tours on sustainability

ExploRussia promises exceptional travel experiences off the beaten path. Customers experience destinations from a new perspective on private and customised tours in Russia. Local guides offer insider knowledge and share their passion for history and culture with the travellers. This year, sustainable packages complement existing tours. For example, a day trip to the historic town of Zaraysk may be added to the most popular tour of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

At ITB Berlin 2017, ExploRussia was presenting the new, sustainable rail journey as a special adventure. The Trans-Siberian Railway Adventure Tour involves "acting sustainably at every stop," as co-founders Olga Sitnik and Anna Mikheikina described it. The Trans-Siberian Railway, at 9288 kilometres, is the longest railway line in the world. The route offers a unique impression of the expansive country. On the tour, visitors discover large and small towns as well as different cultures. For example, during a stop in the village of Maly Turyshim in the Urals, guests visit a beekeeping business founded by social entrepreneur Guzel. She has gotten especially the older population interested in the production of honey.

In their presentation the two co-founders from Moscow explained to trade visitors how principles of sustainable tourism can be brought closer to every holidaymaker and integrated into the tours. They also showed that both travellers and communities benefit from sustainability.

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