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Extreme wildlife adventures in Central and South America: Bushmaster snakes and Jaguars

Bushmaster Snake, Legends of the Wild

At ITB Berlin 2015 “Legends of the Wild” will showcase wildlife centric expeditions around ongoing scientific field research, throughout Central and South America. The approach to conservation is pure and simple. Scientific field research to preserve wildlife and wilderness areas is supported. The expeditions monitor the status of wildlife species; most of whom are endangered today. Through the expedition revenues, Legends of the Wild fund a component of ongoing field research conducted by naturalist guides. The Jaguar Expedition has been conceived to assist the research efforts of one of Central America’s preeminent jungle wildcat specialists in the remote wilderness area around Pirre Mountain in the southern reaches of Panama’s Darien province. On the Bushmaster Quest guests will be accompanied by one of Panama’s top herpetologists. The ultimate goal of this expedition is to find and photograph the legendary Bushmaster snake.

In the descriptions of these special journeys there is no mention of zip lines, river cruises, sighting vehicles or eco-lodges. The guides take their guests out of their element, in a startling manner, and put them face to face with legendary predators in the stark reality of their natural environments. These expeditions are not being offered elsewhere. Ray Smith and his crew spend years developing the footprint – working with local scientists, guides, indigenous peoples and logistics experts – that enables them to offer, in a credible way, these extreme wildlife adventures.

Photo © Legends of the Wild
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