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Georgia: where God sends guests

© Iman Gozal

The country is presenting its amazing wide range of attractions at ITB Berlin NOW

From its mountain peaks to the Black Sea coast, Georgia has an amazingly wide range of climate zones, flora and fauna and all kinds of culinary specialities including famous Georgian wine to offer. At ITB Berlin NOW, this year’s Adventure & Sustainability partner is showing more and more new aspects of the country. Next year, as the official cultural destination, it aims to present its cultural treasures.

For those looking for a destination with a fascinating culture, friendly people and all kinds of culinary delights, Georgia is the place to go. A lively culture, ancient wine-growing traditions, pristine nature and unforgettable hospitality promise a diverse holiday experience.

Visitors to Georgia should definitely drink tea with the locals, enjoy the endless scenery, the panoramic views of mountains – and celebrate a festival with Georgians. John H. Wurdeman, co-owner of the restaurant Living Roots Travel and Pheasant’s Tears Winery, said: “In order to get to know Georgia you have to experience the food and dinner toasts.“ Along with a glass of local wine, for winegrowing is a long-established tradition in this small country. For over 6,000 years special methods have been employed to ferment the juice and pulp of grapes in clay vessels stored underground.

Georgia is also worth a visit for sports and adventure enthusiasts. The country borders on the Greater Caucasus, a place of pristine nature. Nick Erkomaishvili from Explore Georgia was sure that people simply cannot wait to visit his home country, which has so much to offer. “I was born here and still find new fascinating attractions“, said an enthusiastic mountain guide. Among the highlights was the Mazeri mountain range that featured views of the 5,000-metre high Mt. Shkhara, he added.

Georgia was also famous for its hospitality, he said. “Hospitality is in our hearts“, Erkomaishvili emphasised. In his homeland there was a saying: “Guests are a gift from God.“ It can easily happen that after a brief conversation in the street a visitor will be spontaneously invited to tea – which can often end in a large meal.




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