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Germany: What travel souvenirs will customs allow?

Auf der ITB Berlin geben erfahrene Zollbeamten des Hauptzollamts Potsdam und Sachverständige des Bund für Naturschutz Auskunft zur Einfuhr von Reisemitbringseln

Seahorses, seashells, corals, protected tortoise species – time and again customs discover objects brought into Germany by tourists even though they are banned. Another thing that can spoil a holiday is duties on cigarettes and alcohol when imported above certain limits. Faked items purchased abroad, such as sought-after clothing brands, shoes and leather goods also cause irritation at customs checks...

At ITB Berlin 2017 experienced customers officials and technical experts from the Ministry of Nature Conservation will have information for trade visitors and the public on what items they can bring home without risking a guilty conscience. A large number of seized items will be on show to provide food for thought. “Conversations materialise quickly“, said Ronny Kaczmarek of the public relations department of the main customs office in Potsdam. They answer questions and distribute flyers and information. “My colleagues provide an excellent service“, said Kaczmarek. “They have worked at the airport for many years and are very knowledgeable.“ ITB Berlin gave them an opportunity to be more in-depth about issues here and there, he added. Tour operators also come to ask them what they should point out to travellers.

Help is available from a customs app which can be tried out on the stand and which provides information on what items one may carry when travelling. It was downloaded 100,000 times for Android systems in its first year. “The customs app received 4.2 stars and five stars in the Apple Store“, Kaczmarek commented proudly.

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