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Green heaven – Saxony’s palaces, castles and gardens

Green heaven – Saxony’s palaces, castles and gardens

Saxony has enough palaces and castles to fill an entire landscape. Many of these historical buildings are surrounded by a park such as Pillnitz and Moritzburg Castle or Großsedlitz Baroque Gardens. It is where visitors can take a deep breath, enjoy the sun, greenery and bright flowers and listen to the silence. For many visitors to Saxony, the historical parks and gardens are a new experience.

Picnicking in a park is something quite special, particularly on the grounds of Rammenau Baroque Palace. This impressive building nestles in magnificent green surroundings and breathes the carefree atmosphere of a breezy summer afternoon. The gardens of Delitzsch Palace and Muskau Park – UNESCO World Heritage – radiate their own special charm.

Expert tips from the master gardener

The master gardeners and staff in the historical parks and gardens surely know their trade and can give visitors helpful advice. They can also help them understand the work and effort required to maintain and care for a heritage site like Großsedlitz Baroque Gardens. Every year, the approximately four kilometres of hornbeam hedges in these landscape gardens need trimming – on both sides and to a height of about five metres. Incidentally, the magnificent hortensias at Rammenau Baroque Palace are a unique spectacle.

Magical mild summer evenings

Golden sounds hover in the air and ebb away under ancient trees and the overgrown ruins of the former monastery at Altzella Abbey. Slow music accompanies the setting sun. Lighting installations veil the ancient walls and bathe the trees in a mysterious light. Melodies can be heard in the park and the magic of a mild summer evening unfolds. The enchanting atmosphere of Saxony’s gardens and parks is unique, not just at Altzella Abbey.

Music, landscape artistry and good food

Music and landscape artistry – the master gardeners of bygone days were experts in the art of creating places where enjoyment and the senses could run free. Wackerbarth Palace is a prime example. Summer concerts can be heard regularly on these beautiful grounds in Saxony’s wine region around Dresden. The music and catering are exquisite and the wines are from local winegrowers, for Schloss Wackerbarth offfers a genuine “wine experience“.

More about Saxony’s palaces, castles and gardens

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