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Hamburg is back: – Rebooting tourism with a fresh breeze, abundant greenery, exciting urbanity, top-class culture, and a reliable safety concept

Hamburg – a city on the waterside and one of the greenest metropolitan regions in Europe. Hamburg is the city where urbanity integrates seamlessly with shopping and culture, and where leisure and recreation is experienced amidst lots of water and ample greenery. Plus, Hamburg’s port in the heart of the city ensures a one-of-a-kind maritime atmosphere. Always raw and beautiful, Hamburg invites you to explore the unparalleled diversity of the city and its locals.

The Elbphilharmonie with its airy Plaza and magnificent views meets cool off-culture and alternative St Pauli galleries. Michelin-starred restaurants with terraces on the Alster Lake meet fish rolls for take-away at the Landungsbrücken pier. Bike tours and beach clubs on the Elbe beaches meet inspiring culture in the museums around the city centre. Creative designer shops in the Schanzenviertel meet shopping events on Mönckebergstrasse and pure luxury on Neuer Wall. Local and cosmopolitan, idiosyncratic, and arguably Germany’s most international city: all of this is Hamburg.

Life in Hamburg is shaped by the element of water, with authentic people, passing ships, the busy port, houses with panoramic views, and the city’s urban beaches. In Hamburg, water represents both a sense of home and a sense of wanderlust, both tradition and modernity – the raw and the beautiful. A city that is constantly in motion, while at the same time exuding tranquillity and permanence. And all of this still holds true in 2021, when everything is different and yet many things remain the same and are waiting to be explored – with an extra portion of solidarity, empathy, and of course safety.

Hamburg and its hosts are looking forward to once again welcoming friends, guests, connoisseurs and everyone else eager to (re)discover the city.

To get you in the right spirit, we have compiled some text, image and video material below that will give you a foretaste of the most topical Hamburg-related themes for 2021.

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