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Headphones on! ITB Berlin successfully launches the Travel Hero Podcast

The new English-language business podcast series has got off to a flying start. With the Travel Hero Podcast, this year’s ITB Berlin was able to celebrate a genuine first. The concept: in the podcasts episodes Nico Gutjahr, a lively presenter who became popular with his web talk show – where he has hosted famous actors  and celebrities from all walks of life – conducts tête-à-tête interviews with  inspiring personalities from the tourism industry. The series kicked off with a Deep Dive session on ’Women in Travel Tech’, in which Charlotte Lamp Davies from A Bright Approach shares her thoughts on why the tech industry still has a long way to go before it achieves gender equality. This sector has been among the fastest-growing for many years, and it would be all the more desirable for the number of women it employs to significantly increase in the years to come.

The second episode with well-known blogger Kash Battacharya forms part of the Soul Talk series. Through his website the “Budgettraveller” Kash has become one of the most successful travel industry bloggers.In the interview he talks about how hostels, which used to signify budget hotels with a bad image, have now become genuine style icons. Andrew Nelson, a ‘flying global reporter’ with National Geographic, also revealed  some personal experiences. The latest episode welcomes lively Verena Keimer, Head of Marketing at Travelzoo, who shares insights about her daily life.

The first four episodes are only the start of what is scheduled to become a longer series in which the World’s Leading Tourism Trade Show® will report on the many different facets of travelling. The focus of the Soul Talks episodes is on the life and personality of the interviewees, while that of the Deep Dive episodes is on trending industry topics. Next to travel technology and others these topics include sustainability issues and future  mobility.

There are several ways to listen to these inspiring talks. The interviews can be streamed from the ITB Convention website ( Alternatively, they can easily be downloaded via Spotify and the Apple Store for one’s next business flight or holiday rail journey . Episodes will be broadcast at fortnightly intervals. Stay tuned.

ITB Berlin 2019: Tesla: Travel Hero Podcast by ITB






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