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Holidaying on two wheels

Ferien auf zwei Rädern:

On its Brand Card at ITB Berlin NOW the delightful Tauber Valley also has information on two very popular cycle routes

This year the tourism organisation Liebliches Taubertal (delightful Tauber Valley) is celebrating 30 years of the Main-Tauber-Franconian cycle route that follows a figure of eight. Covering more than 400 kilometres, this circular route crosses the valleys of the rivers Tauber and Main. It is designed for riders who can cycle long distances and want different accommodation every night.

This figure-of-eight route connects two popular cycle paths. Since 2009 the cycling assocation ADFC has never given the “delightful, classic Tauber Valley route” less than a five-star rating, designating it a premium route. The “River Main cycle route” is in the ADFC’s top ten and among Germany’s most popular cycle routes.

The two circular paths join to make a figure of eight, hence the name. The region surrounding the rivers Tauber and Main boasts impressive scenery, friendly cities and local towns and a well-developed cycling infrastructure. The Main-Tauber-Franconian cycle route in a figure of eight combines all these attributes. It also passes through the foothills of the Odenwald range near Buchen and Walldürn.

The route consists of eleven stages, which makes it easy for riders of all ages. Only the section entering the Odenwald has two inclines. Otherwise, the route runs along the rivers Tauber and Main and from the Odenwald back to the Main Valley. Riders can make up their own stages. Information on accommodation is available from cities and local towns or the tourism association Liebliches Taubertal.

Premium “delightful, classic Tauber Valley route”

The 100-kilometre long “delightful, classic Tauber Valley route” from Rothenburg ob der Tauber to Wertheim am Main is among the best that Germany and Europe have to offer and celebrated 40 years of its existence in 2020.

The cycling association Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrradclub (ADFC) gave this flagship route a five-star rating four times in a row. The “delightful, classic Tauber Valley route” is one of only two five-star cycle routes in Germany and one of four in Europe. There is always work being undertaken to improve the route. Thus, in 2019 a new section with underpasses, which not least improve safety, was opened between Bad Mergentheim and Edelfingen.

In addition to route safety and good accessibility based on surface quality, traffic levels and public transport links, the assessment criteria take consistent and uniform signposting in both directions into account. Other quality criteria include a positive tourism experience and the long-distance cycle route’s proximity to nature. In the delightful Tauber Valley cylists can experience a thoroughly enjoyable and idyllic ride along the river Tauber. Other unique attractions include castles, palaces, monasteries and museums as well as artworks by Tilman Riemenschneider, Balthasar Neumann, Thomas Buscher and Matthias Grünewald.

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