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ITB Berlin Convention: how do you get digital attention?

How do destination marketers face digital change?  By introducing a live search engine to compete with Google, for example.  "Don't ask Google, ask Gudmundur" was the advertising campaign for the "first human search engine."  Promote Iceland caused a stir with this campaign, as men and women from Iceland directly answered the queries of interested parties.  The destination's current online campaign, presented at ITB Berlin Convention by Inga Hlin Pálsdóttir from Promote Iceland, is also exceptional: with the Iceland Academy (, vacationers can prepare for their stay in Iceland online and interactively.  Also new: a website and app for safe travel, which can be found at 

The tourist information office does not see itself as a real competitor to Google – on the contrary, they work closely together.  VisitScotland and Google also collaborate closely, says Terri Scriven of Google UK.  She advised destination marketers to focus on their product and to create events that move people to visit a destination.  Google can then help set up data based target-group campaigns.

The field of youth tourism also offers interesting new digital applications.  David Chapman of WYSE named the flight app Student Universe as a positive example: the app enables you to specifically search for flights with youth and student rates.  For him, interactive travel shows on Snapchat, like the ones offered by Topdeck, are a further model of innovation.

Rainer Heubeck

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