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ITB MICE FORUM: Companies are somewhere between stability and disruption

The changes currently taking place have shaken up companies. According to Nicole Brandes, International Management Coach and partner of Zukunftsinstitut, companies are in a situation somewhere between stability and disruption. It is all about meeting the challenges of tomorrow’s competitive market, and most senior executives regard “progress as going from  A to B“, said Nicole Brandes. “Maybe it makes them happy but it is not sustainable.“ From her long-term experience she knew that “behind success lies emptiness and helplessness.“ He who sets off into the unknown unleashes energy. “In an age where there are no boundaries dreams are more important than ever“, Brandes said. “Dreams offer us values with which we can identify.“ Successful brands such as began with a dream. “A purpose is the heartbeat of everything“, is how Nicole Brandes described the path to strengthening the human factor in the face of technological change. That was the path the new generation of millennials were taking in order, just like Greta Thunberg in ’Fridays for Future’ to change the world. “Creativity is one of the century’s key skills“, said Nicole Brandes, “Creativity is something that gives, and always will give, humans the edge over computers and artificial intelligence.“

Face-to-face meetings are becoming more and more precious

Even if artificial intelligence (AI) became smarter and could empathise, “it will always be artificial“, was how Brandes described the advantage of being human. “We cannot download a face-to-face meeting.“ In an over-stimulated world it was important to empathise with people: “How can I get people to follow me because they want to and not because they have to?“ A human encounter could not be digitalised and was becoming more and more precious“, said  Nicole Brandes in an inspiring tone. “This is the formula for understanding women.“ Equal opportunities were a basic right. Brandes: “We need to muster all our qualities in order to master these times.“ Women had to summon “more courage in order to set examples“, said Nicole Brandes at the events on women in tourism initiated by Rika Jean-Francois, the ITB officer for Corporate Social Responsibility. “We used to learn from older people once. Today we are also learning from the younger generation“, were the keynote speaker’s words in concluding the ITB MICE FORUM. Culture was an important part of our identity. In a global world “cultural training should be taught at schools.“ For “machines may be strong, but humans have senses“ said Nicole Brandes, getting to the heart of the matter. “During the next 20 years we will evolve more rapidly than over the past 300 years.“ Her conclusion: “The future is not a period in time, it is an attitude.“

Sabine Neumann, Redaktionsbüro Schwartz


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