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ITB Personalities: Thomas Korbus, founder and managing director of ruf Reisen

ITB-Köpfe: Thomas Korbus, Geschäftsführer ruf Reisen

The Youth Travel Hall comes of age – Youth Travel 4.0

What new trends are there, what does the future of tourism hold, what direction will the industry take? Those are the issues that ITB Berlin will be debating, and which in my view make it so indispensable. This year I also find it fascinating to be able to look back, and for a very special reason. After 18 years the Youth Travel Hall has come of age. Happy anniversary!

As someone who also helped to launch it I am very proud. It was great fun helping it on its way and watching it flourish. The results are impressive.

Looking back I am amazed how fast everything has changed. 18 years ago youth travel was completely different. Our customers now have grown-up accommodation, travel and catering demands. And the internet has revolutionised communications and sales. Young people want more adventure, to travel to places around the world, witness fantastic events and take part in unusual sports. There is one thing that has not changed to this day, and that is that our customers need to be taken care of. Good youth travel products must still offer freedom, enjoyment and adventure while looking after our clientele. That is also the case with ruf cruises, our new product.

Youth travel does not end with taking care of young people on their travels. The many different exhibitors here show how important the market has become. In the Youth Travel Hall the many companies selling tours for school classes, groups, holiday language courses and trips abroad, hostel operators, as well as national and international associations, are proof of how wide-ranging the youth travel market is. In short: visitors to Hall 4.1 can experience Youth Travel 4.0.

I would like to see them there in large numbers and to make use of the opportunities that Youth Travel offers.

You can meet Thomas Korbus in Hall 4.1 / Stand 107

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