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It’s “all aboard” for visitors to ITB

Das Wiener Tramwaymuseum feiert Premiere auf der Messe und empfängt seine Besucher in rollenden Denkmälern

Vienna’s Tramway Museum is at ITB for the first time and welcomes visitors on board its historical trams

Visitors to ITB can buy historical tickets for Vienna’s tram network from a conductor dressed in a period uniform from between 1902 and 1942, who will also explain the secrets of the ticketing system with all its numbers and signs. A brief presentation will highlight the fleet’s many different vehicles and services for those who intend to visit Vienna. A film will also give a direct impression of a trip across Vienna on board one of these beautiful historical trams.

The world’s largest collection of historical trams belonging to one city will fascinate visitors with exciting tours of the history of Vienna’s 150 year-old transit system, and by giving them the experience of travelling on board one of its historical trams from the early twentieth century.

There is no better way to enjoy Vienna and its many prestigious buildings, parks and monuments than on a tram from the days of the Austrian kaiser. Passengers can also be served food and drink for an experience that will spoil all the senses.

From panoramic tours of Vienna’s Ringstraße, the city’s prestigious boulevard, to popular trips to wine bars, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Partnerships with Viennese restaurants and guided walks round off the services on offer. Rallies to Vienna’s most beautiful Christmas markets are also very popular.

Historical trams are available for tours 365 days a year for up to 500 guests. But that is not all. At the Remise transport museum near the city centre and the Traiskirchen museum depot, 10 minutes by car from Vienna’s city limits, historical trams are available as special venues for all kinds of events, from one-day conferences to gala dinners.

Hall 10.2, Stand 112

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