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Kerstin Beise, incoming travel organiser, Accessible Indonesia Travel, Makassar

I am happy to be here. This is my first time, I have travelled far and want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by ITB Berlin. Booking advance appointments via the Virtual Market Place did not work so well for me. So I am all the more surprised to see so many familiar faces here at the Conference on Barrier-free Tourism . Once you are here, there are so many people to meet. I would like there to be an extra day to have more time with one another. Networking is so important, especially for us lone warriors, in order to give each other support. It being my first time here, I find the signs at ITB are not very good. On the first day I lost my way quite often. It got better the next day, you get used to it. As a specialist I have noticed how few people with wheelchairs there are, I find that quite significant. It has been worth it. I have established a number of good contacts and met some people face-to-face whose email addresses I had.

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