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Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on YouTube

The partner country of ITB Berlin is promoting itself with an internet mini-series

The name says it all. Under the heading of ’Endlich Ruhe!’ (Silence at last) Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, this year’s partner country of ITB Berlin, is promoting itself with a five-part internet film series. Viewers can watch clips commissioned by the series producers on social media and the YouTube channel of Germany’s most north-easterly state: Each of the five episodes has a clear message: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s flair has a soothing effect on even the most  overworked visitor. Filming for this unusual project took place at locations in various regions, including Binz, Schwerin, the peninsula of Darss-Zingst, a fishing paradise, the Mecklenburg lakeland district and Rostock-Warnemünde. The producers of ’Endlich Ruhe!’ were able to secure the services of well-known actors for the mini-series. In it, Anneke Kim Sarnau and Hinnerk Schönemann, both Grimme Award winners, are able to find a path to their inner self, as does Olaf Schubert, known for his part in the ’Heute Show’.

In order to ensure the internet series is an all-round success the producers have come up with a comprehensive marketing concept. Most importantly, distribution takes place through influencers tasked with advertising ’Endlich Ruhe!’, especially via social media. Furthermore, the annual tourist board campaign which is circulated both online and offline aims to achieve around 17 million viewing hits and thus attract maximum attention. Lastly, ITB Berlin is also providing the partner country with active support for the series. Due to the number of foreign visitors at the World’s Largest Travel Trade Show there are also plans to translate ’Endlich Ruhe!’ into English.

Production of this ambitious internet film campaign was co-funded by the Land of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Over the first six months the producers want its wide-ranging promotional measures to reach at least one million viewers. ’Endlich Ruhe!’ can be watched over a total of two years. In addition to state-run marketing offices and Filmland MV gGmbH the five tourism regions and filming locations are also partners of the project.

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