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Meditative hiking and the wine route

Meditative hiking

TheTaubertal region of Franconia has details for visitors to its stand about its range of attractions for hikers

So-called meditative hiking is a new and contemporary form of rambling in the “Lovely Taubertal”. There are nine routes, between eight and 18 kilometres in length, leading to sacred buildings and other places. Visitors can spend some time in contemplation at the churches, chapels or wayside shrines. The meditative hiking circuits are intended to assist with relaxation and reflection. Meditative hiking leads to a sense of calm and reconnection with one’s core. It also extends an invitation to discover oneself in nature. Visitors to the region will find an information board at the starting point of each of these walks, giving a description of the route as well as the main sacred and scenic highlights of each excursion. There is a suitable epigram to accompany each meditative walk.

This year the region is also focusing on the Taubertal Wine Route. Stretching more than 200 kilometres through one of the most picturesque regions of Germany, from the River Main, along the entire length of the Tauber valley, to Rothenburg ob der Tauber or Niederstetten. Castles, palaces, monasteries and museums are living witnesses to the past on this route, which is crowned by the labours of its viticulturalists and growers. In 2020 the Taubertal wine route has been chosen by the tourism association ”Liebliches Taubertal.” (Lovely Tauber Valley) as its main topic.

Visitors to the fair can find out what is on offer on Stand 302 in Hall 6.2.

Hall 6.2, Stand 302

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