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Moscow: city of many peoples

Russian capital Moscow is represented as a multi-cultural city at ITB Berlin.  "Living next to Russians there are Greeks, Lithuanians, Poles, Tatars, Georgians, Armenians, Germans, Jews," explained Vladimir Chernikov, head of the Moscow Department of National Politics, International Relations and Tourism.  "They have all shaped and left their marks on Moscow."

Chernikov campaigned with ten reasons to pay a visit to Moscow right now.  The time is right, the exchange rate is favourable.  Moscow's reputation as the most expensive city in the world faded away long ago.  Then he put away other clichés: for example, that eating well in Moscow is not possible.  The multitude of ethnic groups has also influenced the cuisine.  "New restaurants in every category are opening across Moscow," says Chernikov.  New, affordable budget accommodation is on the rise, from hostels to three-star hotels. 

As an additional argument, Chernikov listed the contradictory nature of the city, which unites tradition and modernity.  In addition to the classic attractions such as the Kremlin, the metro, St. Basil's Cathedral, the Pushkin Museum and the Bolshoi Theatre, he pointed to the newly opened Cold War Museum, occupying a former nuclear bunker.  With its fleet of riverboats, Moscow is the "port of the five seas" says Chernikov.  Moscow counts 400 parks and is becoming even greener.  Parks occupy one third of the urban area. 

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