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Multimedia Award ‘Das Goldene Stadttor’ – Awards Ceremony at the Palais am Funkturm

Goldenes-Stadttor-Präsident Wolfgang Jo Huschert übergibt Award an Preisträgerin

"What better way to spark interest in the big, wide world than spectacular films?" said Jasmin Taylor, managing director of JT Touristik,"'das Goldene Stadttor' has firmly established itself. "For this former jury member, ITB Berlin is the ideal setting for the annual award."

The multimedia award will be presented for the seventeenth time at ITB Berlin 2017 and the jury will examine a wide range of tourism publications submitted in 19 categories. The deadline for submissions is 17 February 2017. "If the film remains in people's memories for years,that is an important evaluation criterion," said President Wolfgang Jo Huschert, explaining the aims of the multimedia competition. “It is about creativity, emotion, innovation, and realisation."

The film producer and Bundesfilmpreis (German Film Award) winner put it simply: "If one of the judges jumps up and wants to travel there immediately, then the film is right for the tourism industry." It does not matter if "the production cost 20,000 or two million euros." The judges are a deliberately colourful mixture – anyone can apply via the website – but everyone has an interest in travel. ‘Das Goldene Stadttor’ not only examines camera people and producers: the focus is also on countries or cities, regions, museums, hotels, event venues, and commercial enterprises from the industry in films, campaigns, online, videos, travel documents, TV commercials, and new media methods and techniques for tourism.

On 9 March 2017 the Palais am Funkturm will host the awards ceremony for the first time, and gold, silver, and bronze trophies will be presented in each category. The jury will then select the Diamond Award from the gold contributions. For Jasmin Taylor, the multimedia award is "one of the most prestigious awards for this genre in tourism marketing." President Huschert underlines the benefits: "Here, decision-makers and marketers in the industry have the opportunity to see the world's best-produced tourist films of 2016, as well as a creative and innovative realisation process."


9 March 2017 Award Ceremony 11 a.m. - 12.30 p.m.

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