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Museum exhibition on the history of charity

Diözesanmuseum Paderborn, Raffael

At ITB at the CULTURE LOUNGE, the official hall featuring cultural exhibits at ITB Berlin (Hall 16), the Museum of the Diocese of Paderborn will have information about an outstanding exhibition on the history of charity in art and culture.
From 23 July to 13 December 2015, taking place for the first time, this major new art and culture exhibition of the Museum of the Diocese of Paderborn will take a look at the history of charity, highlighting the various forms of expression in art and culture throughout the ages. The focus of the exhibition entitled ’CARITAS – charity, from early Christianity to the present day’ is on the Christian act of giving, as well as on Caritas which, as a concept dedicated to helping others, was revolutionary when it was first conceived.
Valuable exhibits from major museums and collections all over Europe and the USA will be brought to Paderborn for the exhibition, including from the Pinacoteca Vaticana, the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin and the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Ancient sarcophagi, murals from Roman catacombs, art from the Middle Ages as well as paintings and drawings by famous artists, among them Raffael, Lucas Cranach the Older, Eugène Delacroix, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Käthe Kollwitz, tell of the various ideas behind and ways of giving to others throughout the ages. Impressive installations, including by the famous video artist Bill Viola, make the subject come alive to modern-day audiences.

Picture: Raffael, Caritas` personification, 1507, Vatican City, Pinoteca Vaticana, Inv Nr. 40311. ©Archivio Fotografico dei Musei Vaticani, Musei Vaticani
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