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Nature trips and outdoor activities in demand, business travel slumps

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ITB Berlin NOW and Statista present short and medium-term travel trends

More trips at home, more trips in nature and outdoor activities: those are three travel trends revealed by the ITB World Travel Survey: Global Tourism Demand Forecast, a survey commissioned by ITB. Peter Kautz, VP Research & Analysis, and Claudia Cramer, director of Market Research at Statista GmbH in Hamburg, presented the key findings of their survey on Tuesday afternoon at the ITB Berlin NOW Convention.

According to the findings which examined travel behaviour and travel plans in Germany, the US and China, in 2021 there is good reason for optimism. “In 2021 around 70 per cent of respondents are planning to travel or intend to plan a trip soon. Only about a quarter to one-third of those polled are not planning to travel“, said Claudia Cramer. “Most people want to travel as soon as possible", the market researcher said.

Tourism in the future will not be the same as before, even if visiting friends and family and beach holidays remain popular reasons to travel. In Germany and the US one in three respondents said they would change their travel behaviour in the future, in China it was even one in two. 76 per cent of those polled in Germany said they intended to holiday more at home, in America and China the figures were 77 and as high as 88 per cent respectively. Between 61 per cent of respondents in Germany and 91 per cent in China said they wanted to take more trips in nature and engage more in outdoor activities in the future. Between 63 and 66 per cent of those polled said they would undertake fewer business trips.

Innovations as well as changing travel behaviour are influencing the travel market. According to Peter Kautz, over the last ten years hundreds of startups have sprung up offering innovative services for holidaymakers, including digital travel guides, individual holiday planning and sustainable tourism.

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