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New displays in the Zeppelin Museum

Zeppelin Museum

The Zeppelin Museum will be represented in the Culture Lounge at ITB Berlin. Situated in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance, this museum has the world’s
most comprehensive collection of exhibits that tell the story and demonstrate the technology of zeppelin aviation. What did airship passengers eat and drink? How much did it all cost and how did Count Zeppelin have his airships built? What were the greatest achievements of airship pioneers and how did the terrible disasters come about? Visitors can find out all these things by taking a multimedia journey through time in the Zeppelin Museum. In Friedrichshafen original film footage and fascinating sound recordings still exist. Visitors can see how engines and technical components functioned and view accident wreckage and previously unseen models of fantasy airships that never went into production.
The Zeppelin Museum also recognises the role that technology has played in inspiring art. The exhibition displays works dating back five centuries and their connection with the story of the airship, ranging from the Middle Ages to works of baroque and contemporary artists. Highlights include works by Otto Dix and Max Ackermann. Tours are available of all parts of the museum and for all age groups and include numerous themed tours covering areas of special interest.

Photo ©Zeppelin Museum, Myrzik
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