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No masks when rafting

© Rune Haugseng

At ITB Berlin NOW the Adventure Travel Trade Association ATTA presented uniform coronavirus guidelines

The Adventure Travel Trade Association ATTA has put together detailed coronavirus safety guidelines for wildlife, sports and adventure tour operators and presented them at ITB Berlin NOW. Accordingly, no masks are needed when rafting, but must be worn getting to the river by bus.

Last year, when tourism was at a global standstill due to the coronavirus, work began for the employees of Cleveland Clinics and the ATTA. They collected data on health safety measures that were workable in this travel market. In the end, they put together detailed guidelines for a total of ten activities, including trekking, rafting, cycling and boat tours. These can be downloaded from the ATTA’s website free of charge. The partnership with medical specialists from Cleveland Clinics means they are scientifically approved, although no guarantees are being given that they are up to date.

Speaking at ITB Berlin NOW, Gustavo Timo, Destination Development director at ATTA, said the effort was aimed at producing uniform, more or less general activity guidelines. On the other hand it was also intended to answer questions that workers and travellers would be confronted with at destinations.

Timo said that tour operators usually had their own regulations on how to deal with the virus threat. However, as the ATTA guidelines are being constantly updated it was easier for providers to adapt to the latest standards. The guidelines were also there to offer visitors maximum protection. Even individual governments had accepted the ATTA guidelines as a standard, Timo said.

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