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Oman and ITB Berlin seal partnership planned for 2020

Oman und ITB Berlin festigen geplante Partnerschaft für 2020

Agreement signed by both parties at WTM in London

After Malaysia in 2019, the next partner country of ITB Berlin has now been officially decided upon. A corresponding statement of intent regarding a partnership in 2020 had previously been given at ITB Berlin 2018. This was followed at WTM in London by the ceremonial signing of an agreement by Dr. Martin Buck, Senior Vice President Travel & Logistics, Messe Berlin and Ahmed bin Nasser Al Mahrizi, Minister of Tourism Oman.

As the official partner country of the show Oman will organise the opening ceremony on 3 March 2020. Over the following days the

sultanate will present trade visitors and the general public with a wide range of colourful displays. The programme will include numerous events at ITB Berlin that will whet visitors’ appetites for this fascinating country.

The history of Oman, which among other things is known for its great hospitality, stretches back thousands of years. Among the sultanate’s attractions are luxurious resorts, for instance in Muscat, Salalah and on the Musandam Peninsula. For those in search of adventure the almost pristine Al Hajar Mountains offer plenty of attractions – including hiking and mountain biking. Exceptional hotels in remote places await visitors too.

Exclusive campsites ranging from basic to five stars can be found in the country’s deserts. Wadis, riverbeds with exotic vegetation and the flair of an oasis, invite visitors to take a refreshing dip in the waters. Every year in summer an unusual spectacle takes place near Salalah, when over a period of several weeks monsoon winds give the normally arid landscape with its sparse vegetation an extraordinarily lush coat of green.

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