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Plan trips more easily with Google

Internet company Google presented a travel-planning tool at ITB Berlin 2016 that significantly simplifies the search for destinations, flights, hotels and good deals for certain travel times and durations.  At its core is a very fast, real-time search for hotel and travel prices, for which the company accesses its existing data and links to several portals and operators.  The previous version of "Destinations on Google" is only available for smartphones and tablets.

Google Vice President Travel and Shopping Oliver Heckmann said that the inclusion of desktops and laptops is currently not a priority for the company, as the destinations should first be fully completed and because their market analysis has shown that many customers are planning from mobile devices with increasing frequency.  The current beta version allows considerable filter functions that save the user from opening many pages at the same time and needing to continually re-enter their data.

Google's vision is the personalization of the tool, said Heckmann.  This is especially difficult with travel, as many people have multiple personalities when it comes to their travel priorities: someone who prefers hotels in the business district as a business traveller might seek out nature as a solo-traveller, and have still other preferences as a family traveller.  Starting the tool is as simple as entering the country and the word "destinations" in a Google search.

Thomas Rietig


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