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Politics should adjust regulation

Politics must develop strategies that take into account the changes in tourist communication and the increase in shared economy elements.  The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) listed this as a requirement in its report published at ITB Berlin 2016, "Tourism Trends and Policies 2016."  Platforms such as Airbnb represented a major challenge to the existing structures.  Their "sofa tourism" – the provision of basic accommodation without significant booking expenses – bypasses traditional travel agents.  Not only did they open new markets, but also led to a complete change in travel patterns among large sections of tourists, said Armonado Peres, Chairman of the OECD Tourism Committee.  "Shared economy blocks many different policy practices."  He called for new rules that guarantee fair competition.

The instruments of the shared economy also have their advantages: they made travel cheaper and exerted pressure on the hotel industry, said Richard Kämpf, Head of Tourism in the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, at the OECD Conference.  It should be the task of politics to create a framework within which compliance from all participants can be restored.  "We can also abolish some old rules in the process."

Thomas Rietig


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